August 11th, 2003



The EQ trilogy came in the mail on Friday. I worked from 4 until 1 in the morning, then spent about an hour installing the game. And then I played it for 16 hours straight. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee... Slept for 12 hours, then worked for 12 hours on Sunday. Then 8 more hours of EQ.

It's a fun game, and I have friends/addicts that have been playing it for 3.5 years or more. Three of them made new characters to fight alongside my mighty gnome necromancer named Hakeswill. Buck even jumped servers to Mithaniel Marr so he could help out.

The EQ six-pack comes out in a couple of days. I will have it ASAP. And I signed up for a 2 year account.

Who needs reality? Certainly not me. It's too depressing.