April 5th, 2003


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Have you watched Donnie Darko yet? Why not? I saw this user picture on someone else's LJ, and was forced to add it to my list.

I had a very strange dream the other day. A force (Nature, Gaia, Gaea, whatever) had decided to counter humanity's depradations by turning all of us into werecreatures. Apparently, we had some say in which types we would turn into. I chose.... weredragon! This is a dream, so go along with it. Unfortunately, the more powerful the creature type, the longer it took to assimilate. Before I woke up, I was in deep doodoo, as everyone else seemed to have changed and I was still a wimpy human.

Where do I get these dreams from? I can understand the usual sexual dreams, but I sometimes get some oddities. This one was definitely in my top ten for strangeness.
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