March 30th, 2003


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So, what's new?

One of my roommates is moving out. Mike has many fine qualities, but he was the worst roommate I have ever had. He acted like everything in the house was his, and his crap was/is all over the place. But listing his bad qualities is pointless, as he is on his way out. I will miss Skittles terribly. I loved that cat, and he loved me. I was the one that put him into the carrier, since he trusted me the most. It wasn't enjoyable, but apparently the last time Mike moved him, the damage was quite extensive. I managed it without any loss of blood on either side. I will miss those incredible claws.

I estimate that all of Mike's stuff will be out of the house by October, even though Doug is moving in April 1st. That's the kind of guy he is.

On a lighter note, a few of us started an Elric/Stormbringer campaign yesterday. Let's see how fast I can become an agent of Chaos, specifically for Chardros. It's been years since we played D&D together, and this looks like it will be a lot of fun to play once per month. I have had two characters become effectively immortal in D&D (vampire sha'ir and death priestess of Nerull). Let's try for number three in this game.

For my reading pleasure, I tried "The List of 7," by Mark Frost. It's Arthur Conan Doyle crossed with Lovecraft, and quite enjoyable. I finished it, and started the sequel, "The 6 Messiahs."
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