December 11th, 2002


back to the old grind

Only two days in, and I am fed up with fucking idiots as usual. How hard is it to order pizza? Sheesh. I had a fun time with some asshole from George's Music in Berwyn on Monday. I controlled myself better today. Heh.

As a treat, I watched Six Feet Under's "The Liar and the Whore" - season 2, episode 11. Two left to watch, and I must... resist... Who is the saddest person? Who would you want to help the most? There is a lot of pain in their lives.

At least season one will be out on DVD in February.

"How much of yourself do you give away
After someone's left your life in disarray?
It still hurts
But it won't show
Because I'm too proud
So you're never ever gonna know."

Everything But the Girl