November 16th, 2002



Caught up with TV shows. Friends, Scrubs, ER, the Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle. Then I watched two more episodes of Coupling (the first one - Flushed, and season two, episode three - My Best Friend's Bottom). I call the show Friends With Benefits. Hahahahahahahahaha, and I am aware that I amuse myself more than others with my humor. Then I watched the next two episodes of Six Feet Under. And now I am off to bed even later than usual. Damn you, sun! *grin*

oh my God

Someone had a link to MUNG (Multipurpose Unilateral Nonsense Generator - Here is my last journal entry in the style of the Swedish chef. Too funny.

Cuoght up vit TF shuos. Friends, Scruobs, IR, zee-a Simpsuns, und Melculm in zee-a MEEddle-a. Zee-a I vetched tvu mure-a ipisudes ouff Cuoupleeng (zee-a furst oune-a - Fluoshed, und seesun tvu, ipisude-a three-a - My Best Friend's Buttum). I cell zee-a shuo Friends Vit Beneffeets. Heheheheheheheheha, und I im ivere-a zeet I imuose-a myselff mure-a thuon ouzeers vit my huomur. Zee-a I vetched zee-a next tvu ipisudes ouff Six Feet Under. Und nuo I im ouff tu bed ifee-a leter thuon usuoel. Demn yuou, suon! *grin*

nin, in jive - "Do ya' know how far dis gotss'ta gone? Just how damaged gotss' ah' become? When ah' dink ah' kin overcome, it runs even deepuh'. Ah be baaad....."