July 31st, 2002


Lives of Girls and Women - by Alice Munro

I have been reading a lot of books lately (even Wisconsin Death Trip), but the only one that stood out was this one. Alice Munro is amazing. I feel like I aged a year emotionally after reading this book.

p 199 (right after the main character breaks up with her first love)

"I looked at these lovers lying on the graveyard without envy or curiosity. As I walked on into Jubilee I repossessed the world. Trees, houses, fences, streets, came back to me, in their own sober and familiar shapes. Unconnected to the life of love, uncolored by love, the world resumes its own, its natural and callous importance. This is first a blow, then an odd consolation. And already I felt my old self - my old devious, ironic, isolated self - beginning to breathe again and stretch and settle, though all around it my clung cracked and bewildered, in the stupid pain of loss."

Genius. Sheer genius.