May 28th, 2002


Blood Bowl humor

pky2k> is there any other webrings besides geocity and anglefire
pky2k> both are giving me hassles
pky2k> both keep giving me error
redhakesOLBBLin2> I use angelfire
redhakesOLBBLin2> it works fine
Patrizzo> I use ny OWN page
pky2k> i got error durring sighnup
pky2k> on anglefire
redhakesOLBBLin2> try spelling it angelfire
redhakesOLBBLin2> *grin*
pky2k> when i use geocity my internet dies
pky2k> no it is spelt anglefire
Patrizzo> lol
redhakesOLBBLin2> use that one
pky2k> is there a way on anglefire to delete an old accout
pky2k> so i can start fresh
pky2k> sorry no site please check spelling
redhakesOLBBLin2> anglefire seems to be some sort of personals site
redhakesOLBBLin2> I use angelfire
pky2k> it gives me no site available
pky2k> ok
pky2k> found it
pky2k> thanx
pky2k> same one i used
pky2k> and had prob