May 4th, 2002


for want of a nail...

Sometimes it's almost funny to watch things get out of control for no logical reason whatsoever. Almost...

We had a woman order two pizzas from the Westgate Village apartments today. One was a cheese-lovers, one was a pepperoni-lovers. She called to complain that one of the pepperoni slices had been eaten before she got the pizzas. Yuriy asked her to count the slices. There were twelve (the correct number.) He informed her that the slices probably shifted on the way to her apartment, leaving a gap. She told him that her daughter refused to eat any of it, and wanted a refund or a new pizza. Yuriy asked her to bring the pizza to the store, and he would either refund her the money, or make her a new pizza. She wanted to bring it in tomorrow, but Yuriy refused. To sum up, Yuriy is willing to give her her money back, or make her a new pizza in return for her correctly made pizza! With me so far? It gets better/worse.

The woman does come in with her pizza, after Yuriy had already left. I opened the box, and the pizza looked fine, although one slice had slid out a bit, leaving a gap. I refunded her $8.47 and she insisted that the pizza cost more than that. I showed her a copy of her order, with the pepperoni-lovers pizza listed as $7.99 and .48 cents tax. I also informed her that there was nothing wrong with her pizza, but that we were giving her a refund anyways. Normally, I am much more confrontational when I know I am right, but Yuriy has been harping on customer service lately, so I am trying my best to keep our stupid customers happy. Maria even remarked later that I had been very polite to her.

Anyways, about twenty minutes later, two young men come in. One of them leans on the counter and smirks. The other informs me that his mother just came back from our store, and that someone working there called her a whore or a bitch (he didn't seem to know which word it was) and that he wanted to take that person outside and fight them. I immediately realized who his mother must be, but decided to play dumb. This is a real family of winners I am dealing with. After he told me that his mother had just received a refund for the pizza, I told him that noone in our store called her any names. He didn't believe me, and wanted to know who was big enough to call his mother names like that. And also, his churchgoing mother wouldn't make up anything like this. I told him that it wouldn't take a big person to use names like that, but a small one. I also showed him the "supposedly partially eaten" pizza that his mother had returned. After I refused to rise to his bait for a few more minutes, he said something along the lines of, "Well, I guess noone is man enough to admit to calling my mother a whore, and willing to step outside." Then they left.

Maria had been doing prep work the entire time that this had been going on, and was shocked when I informed her about what had just taken place at the register. After a few minutes, I decided to call the police and make a report about all of this. They were probably harmless, but I am a firm believer in my own safety. Two police officers showed up and took my statement. I knew both of them from my years as a third shift Wawa employee, and we spent a little time catching up. Then they either called or paid a visit to the apartment. This should be over now, right? Of course not!

A little while later, I get a phone call from the husband/father of the other two morons! He demands to know my name, and I tell him only my first name, and refuse to give my last name. Then we do the same with Maria and Yuriy. Next, he demands contact info for my district manager, and I tell him he has to go through Yuriy. He gets upset, and tells me he is calling his lawyer and is going to sue me! For what, I wondered silently. I told him to go ahead! Yay me. Next, he asked when we closed, and I told him midnight. Then he said he would talk to me again, soon.


I called Yuriy, and Marc, my district manager, to let them know what this has snowballed into. While I had Marc on the phone, the police called back for a description of the two teenagers. I told him what the father had said, and he told me that he would give the family another call.

And to think, this all happened because we had the gall to send out a properly made pizza!

shopping and movie fun

I forgot to mention that I watched two movies late Thursday night with my sister and Sean. First up was The One, a typical fight fight fight movie with Jet Li. No plot, but the effects were neat! For what it was, it was quite good.

Next, we watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Wow! What a great movie. The sound levels jumped around a lot, and we had to listen carefully to the accents. One part was subtitled, due to all of the slang. Great fun, and/but very bloody. Don't watch it unless you are OK with lots of carnage.

Kerry and I went and saw Deuces Wild today, and went shopping. The movie was good, if predictable. And I bought a lot of crap! Whee. DVDs: Highlander - Immortal Edition, Clerks, and Braveheart. CD: SoaD - Toxicity. Book: American Gods - Neil Gaiman. And I bought a lot of clothes. I almost bought an Armani T-shirt, just to say that I did. It was $130, and marked down to ONLY $49.97. Hah!

And Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Oh, and I bought a pineapple candle. It smells delicious.