May 2nd, 2002


Ice cream!

I bought 84 pints of Edy's Dreamery and Godiva today, since they were buy one, get one free! Whee. An employee doing inventory in that aisle told me, "I don't think they'll let you buy that many." I responded, "I've done it four or five times already. I eat one pint a day, and stock up when it's on sale."


We played Magic last night for the first time in quite a while. Chris was late. It turned out that he had gotten into a biking accident on his way home from work. He took the train to Paoli, and doctored himself while he was on the way. Then he won, and took all the cards home with him. I blame my partners! Hehehe...

Heroes still consumes my waking moments. I have finished the Life, Nature, and Might campaigns on the advanced settings. Now I am doing Order.