April 28th, 2002


Gloomy Sunday

Whee. Another double shift ended.

I played Heroes IV all Friday night, slept all day Saturday, and then played Heroes all evening. Afterwards, I watched last week's Simpsons and Malcolm In the Middle. They were hysterical. Oh, last week's (possibly final) episode of The Job was great. I hope they renew it, but I doubt they will.

This morning, after five hours of sleep, I staggered off to work. I saved some earthworms along the way. They have no chance if they escape the rain and end up on a parking lot. Sunday mornings are my most reflective hours. Making dough leaves a lot of time to ponder, and usually makes me depressed. Lela's mom knocked on the window and upset my train of thought. That was probably a good thing. I went over to the door to say hi to her and her overly affectionate dog. Later, I called my friend Phil and told him about last week's Simpsons and Malcolm In the Middle. He laughed quite a few times. XPN had a good set of music today. I heard a Jennifer Warnes cover of Leonard Cohen's Ballad of the Runaway Horse for the first time, and also the second worthwhile Sheryl Crow song ever! It's the last song off of her new CD, I think. (The first was Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man.)

My sister called me, and wanted to know the name of the movie starring Gillian Anderson, Ryan Philippe, Sean Connery, and Angelina Jolie. I couldn't remember! I called her back a few minutes later and told he it was Schindler's List. She laughed. Later, I told her I thought it was Places In the Heart. I just checked on http://us.imdb.com and it was Playing By Heart. So close...

Still working through the Gulag Archipelago. It's getting monotonous, though. I am becoming desensitized to all of the killings, prison terms, and exiles. I think I would appreciate it more if I was Russian. The stupidity of humanity knows no bounds, and that is also true today.

Oooooh. There was a comic in the Sunday Inquirer that was SO me. Pearls Before Swine is the name, and mocking humanity was the theme. I clipped it, and it will go with my Knights Who Say Ni cartoon by Heart of the City.


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