March 26th, 2002


"it's only in uncertainty that we're naked and alive..."

Well, it's been a pretty slow week so far. I have gotten a LOT of reading done, and a lot of listening as well, mostly to WXPN. I have been alternating between listening to nin and Slowdive while I sleep.

Let's see. What have I read recently... The newest issues of Maxim and Entertainment Weekly were both amusing. Hiroki was sampling Jewish food this month, and he cracked me up. I finally finished reading Victory Over Japan. The closing stories weren't nearly as depressing. Or perhaps my skin was growing tougher. I also read Bodyguard, by William C. Dietz. It was OK, but some of the one-liners were pretty funny. I reread Bloodlist, by P.N. Elrod. It's book one of a series, but it is far and away the best of them. And I read the book of Numbers. Slowly but surely, I will read the entire Bible this year.

WXPN played You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart during Sunday morning's show. That song gives me goosebumps. The scene from In the Name of the Father, when they are in prison, and the fiery bits of toilet paper are falling... Ugh. Lela put it on a mix tape, so long ago...

"I hope you're happy now...
...I could never make you so...
you were a hard man...
no harder in this world
you made me cold and you made me hard
and you made me the thief of your heart

Winter is cold...oh!
But you're colder still
and for the first time
I feel like you're mine
I share you with the one who will
mend what falls apart
and turn a blind eye
to the thief of your heart

Ohhh you lost
Ohhh you lost all
you lost all
you lost all

I'll never wash these clothes
I want to keep the stain
Your blood to me is precious
nor would I spill it in vain
your spirit sings
though your lips never part
singing only to me
the thief of your heart

Ohhh you lost

Ohhh you lost
Ohhh you lost all
lost all

Ohhh you lost
Ohhh you lost all
lost all"

I love Sinead's voice.

Yesterday, the World Cafe had archived performances by Nora Jones and Ani. Nora has a great voice, but I am not yet a fan. Ani's songs were amazing, but she is not good at interviews. She said "you know?" a LOT, and even used it four times in one rambling runon sentence. Hehehe...

I have been playing a lot of Blood Bowl, and getting ready for the tournies. Since no one here plays, I won't bore you with the details. I am having fun, and that's all that matters.