March 5th, 2002


last night and today

Last Friday, I asked Sarah why she wanted me to come up to see her in June. I also asked her to think about the reply, and tell me later. Well, we had a long discussion about it yesterday on MSN Messenger. She listed a variety of reasons. Missing me, caring, love, and lust. Home field advantage, too. I asked her if I could wait with my decision, and she agreed. I don't want to be impulsive or rash with something that could mean a lot. If I was thinking with just my penis, the answer would be an easy one.

I went out to dinner with my Dad last night, and talked it over with him. We had Chinese food at the Hong Garden, and my fortune said, "Someone will share your warmth." Heh.

After I came home, I called Sarah, and we talked some more. Nothing is resolved, but at least we are communicating better. I still don't know which category to put her in. I don't know how far I can trust her. We shall see.

This morning's Alpha class was "Why and how should I read the Bible?" I feel a little guilty about this one, since I haven't been keeping up with the one year plan. The lesson was a good one, and we read the parable of the sower afterwards, and then discussed it. I am one of the hard-hearted seeds, I guess. (Last week's was "How can I be sure of my faith?" but since I don't have any right now, it wasn't worth discussing in here.)

Tonight, I am going to the Khyber Pass to watch my friend's band ECK (Eric, Charlie, and Kevin) perform. It's been a while since my last concert. I hope I will enjoy it. I actually saw Ween there, a long time ago. It was very funny, and I sat on the stage the entire time. They kept kicking the song list with their feet, and I would move it back into place for them. They didn't know the words to "Push the Little Daisies" yet, so they had the starting lines to each verse on another sheet of paper. Anyways, they were performing Reggae Junkie Jew late in their set, and pissed off a huge white guy in the audience. He came up through the crowd, grabbed one of the microphone stands, and shouted into the mike, "I'm going to get you! I'm going to get you!" They ran out the back door, and the concert was over. Hehehe. I took the song list and the lyric sheet home with me. It was a good night.