February 12th, 2002


Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Life continues to move forward, one day at a time. I was finishing the book of Genesis on Saturday night when Sarah called. She was leaving for her Dad's, and just wanted to tell me that she would be getting in late. I appreciated it.

XPN was playing love songs during Sunday morning's Sleepy Hollow radio show. They played "Love is Everything," by Jane Siberry, and I laughed. It is not what I would call a love song, although her voice is angelic. The lyrics ring true, though they are sad. I will post them for Valentine's Day.

I worked all Sunday, as usual. I read the first half of The Great Santini, by Pat Conroy. I finished it on Monday. It's the story of Bull Meecham and his family. He's 110% Marine, whether he is on base or at home, and he is ruining his family because of his inability/unwillingness to change. It ends with him dying in a plane crash, and the family going on with a lot less stress. The damage has already been done, though.

Sean is off this week, and it's fun playing Diablo 2 and Blood Bowl with him. He snuck a win in the last turn of a game today, but it was a fun game nonetheless. Winning isn't necessary for me, having a good game is.

Also, today I went to the first Alpha class in a ten week program. Alpha is "a practical introduction to the Christian faith," according to the book. The amusing thing is that everyone there seemed to be a Christian already, with the exception of me. I used to be one, years ago. The first class was "Who is Jesus," and it was a refresher course from my days at Delaware County Christian School, back around '84. I honestly don't know if I am willing or able to make the commitment, but I will go through the entire course.

After that, I went out to lunch with my Dad. We went to the Thai Orchid, and had some great food. I talked with him about Alpha, Sarah, Sarah and myself, Sarah and her Dad, etc. It was nice. He's pretty wise.

Later, I talked to Sarah on the computer and then on the phone. She's under a lot of stress thanks to her Dad. I don't think I helped her very much with that. In my opinion, he's a controlling asshole, and she needs to get away from him and stay away from him. He will not change. She is leaving to join her CP group tonight, and she'll be a lot happier there. We also talked about nebulous futures today, and she said that her ideas and mine are very different. Sigh. Still, nothing has to be decided right now. I might be going up to see her in June. That would be great.

"Life is sad, and so is love..."