February 6th, 2002



Well, last night was a lot of fun. Sean, Charlie, Chris, and myself played two booster drafts with the Torment set. We ended up with a four way tie for the first set, and Charlie won the second set. Some fun combos, and new cards are always fun. I also told Charlie and Chris that I am done getting frustrated with them regarding whether or not they are coming over every Tuesday. I gave them each the other person's phone numbers, and said that it is their responsibility if they want to play with Sean and myself. Chris is an Everquest addict, and Charlie is very busy with his teaching job and his band. Both are very hard to get responses from if I leave them a message, so from now on it is up to them. Of course Charlie didn't even bother to take Chris' phone numbers with him...

After they left, Sean and I played a game of Blood Bowl online, with brand new teams. I won, but he niggled one of my players. Boooooooo... *grin* It was the first time Sean has played in a long while. When that was over, Sean and I watched Scrubs, but we missed the end of the recorded show! Whatever station it is on must have been running late with all of the programs. Ugh! It was a depressing episode, and I needed closure, damn it! What happened with JD and Elliot? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Anyways, I stayed up until 6:30am talking with Sean about Sarah, Mike (our roomie), religion, and sex. It was fun. We have conflicting schedules, so quality time is uncommon. Eventually, I had to go to bed. Sleep is always good, although I have been having some disturbing dreams lately. In one, I had to decide whether to be the antichrist or not. In another, a former crush invited Sarah and I to go away with a few other couples. I told her that I didn't know if I could handle being with her for the weekend. Then I started rubbing her lower back, and she started getting aroused. I didn't know how to tell her that Sarah and I had broken up. It was very bizarre.

At work today, I had some stupid customers as usual on the phone, but some are worth mentioning. A woman called from the liquor store and ordered two pizzas for carryout. (I always ask at the beginning whether the customer wants carryout OR delivery. At the end of the phone call, I repeat it and tell them how long it should take.) Anyways, she calls back 45 minutes later wondering where her pizzas are. I inform her that she ordered carryout, and that they are waiting for her at the store. She decided to cancel the order, as it is "too late" now. I tell her OK, but also add that we will never take orders from her again. She says OK, and hangs up. Five minutes later, she calls back, and says that the next shift will eat them, if we still have them, and that she will be right over to pick them up. I tell her that is fine, and that we are only concerned when customers cancel orders. She showed up, and apologized profusely. Her boss had been giving her a hard time, and she mistakenly said carryout instead of delivery. I told her it was OK, and gave her some coupons for next time.

Another customer called from Grand Slam (a batting cage spot nearby) for delivery, but he was using a cell phone. We do not accept cell phone numbers for delivery, ever. He was annoyed, but said he would call back with the number of Grand Slam. He did after a few minutes, and asked if we had a special on two medium supremes. I told him no. Then he asked what specials we had, and I said that we weren't running any at the moment. In my mind, the P-zones don't count. Next, he asked how much two medium pizzas with one topping each would be. I told him $17.89. He said "Fuck that. Forget it." I laughed into the phone until he hung up. Hehehe.

Wizard's First Rule.

I finished Smiley's People tonight, by John le Carre. Well done, but very depressing. Smiley attains his goals at the end, but it is all ashes...