January 27th, 2002


Lullaby - by James

Since your mother cast her spell
Every kiss has left a bruise
You've been reading too much meaning from existence
Now your head is used and sore
And the forecast is for more
Memories falling, like falling rain
Falling rain

Every view they hold on you's
A piano, out of tune
You're an angel
You're a demon
You're just human
Now your world has turned to trash
Broken windows on the past
Take that child and teach him senseless
Damage the dream, damage the dream
I feel nothing, I feel nothing at all
I feel nothing at all...

In this gloomy, haunted place
All the feelings are of shame
All the windows have been broken by the children
So the wind screams up the stairs
Slams doors and rattles chairs
I wish we weren't conceived in violence
Damage the dream, damage the dream
The magic is broken
The house is in ruins
Your memory's one-sided
The side that you're choosing feels nothing
Feels nothing at all
We feel nothing at all


This is the song that WXPN played instead of the song I requested (Five-O) last week on Sleepy Hollow. The DJ was doing a "sleepier" set, and Lullaby fit in better. Both songs are off of the Laid CD, which he said was one of his favorites. It is one of mine, also. The lyrics are amazing. For over a week I have been listening to this CD every night while I go to sleep.