January 21st, 2002


whoa - wow - whee

Well, possibilities becoming probabilities regarding Sarah and myself produce a wide range of emotions and thoughts.

Saturday night, I could NOT sleep. It didn't help that I had stayed up until 8am the night before. Anyways, I tossed and turned for an hour and then gave up, went downstairs, and read some magazines and talked with Sean.

After three hours of sleep, I worked over fifteen hours on Sunday. I yawned a lot. I talked to Sarah for some time while I was at work, and also when I went home. We talked about the future, and listed our options.

It looks like I will be going up to see her in June. I want to meet the family that she lives with in Ottowa, and then spend some time with her actual family. After a week, we will come back together, and spend the rest of her vacation down here. Then she will go back to CP for another tour. At the end of December, she will come back here, and stay!

If things go well in June, and throughout both of her tours, we will get married! The idea is wonderful and scary at the same time. It made me giddy while we were talking on the phone.

This makes everything else that is going on in my life pale in comparison.