January 9th, 2002


back to the old life for now, I guess

I worked from 8 until 4 on Monday (after almost no sleep), and 8 until 6 yesterday. We played Magic last night for the first time in a month. It was fun, even if my deck hated me. Chris and Sean tied for the win, and Charlie and I played off to see who the biggest loser was. It was him! Hehehehe. Chris won, and got all of the cards.

I talked to Sarah late Monday night, and also around 1 am last night. She arrived safely, and it turns out that the van she would have taken broke down along the way. I am so glad that she flew instead. Also, she forgave me for my idiocy, but warned me that she doesn't want that sort of behavior in a relationship. I totally agreed with her.

I hope she is enjoying herself. I am unsure of how to proceed with her. I know what I want. She wants two entirely different things. She has been with Covenant Players for six years, and it has been her whole life, not just her job. It's nice to be in the running, though. I feel like I am in an arm wrestling match against God, and that is no contest. Sarah mentioned that life is too complex while she was here. I replied that life is as complex as we choose to make it.

We shall see how this goes. We love each other, but that might not be enough for her. I know it is enough for me.