December 24th, 2001


LotR movie madness!

I went and saw the LotR last night with my father, my two brothers, and my sister. We went to the King of Prussia theater, and watched it on the IMAX screen.


That was an incredible movie, and seeing it on a screen that huge was even better! I give the movie 4 stars out of 4. It didn't follow the book precisely, but I actually didn't mind too much. My only gripe was watching flashbacks of something we just saw earlier in the movie. I do not need to see Sauron's finger get cut off three times in one movie.

I thought the casting was superb, the effects better than Harry Potter (what a Balrog!), and the plot advancement wouldn't have upset Tolkien (hopefully).

An amusing note: Sean Bean aka Boromir aka Sharpe (Hakeswill's enemy in the Sharpe novels and movies) picked up the remains of Isuldur's sword, cut himself, and said, "It's still sharp." I was the only one to laugh in the theater.

After the movie, I made it home around 12:30, made a quick phone call to Sarah, and staggered to bed. Of course, Skittles decided to jump into my bed 45 minutes before I had to get up and start kneading the mattress next to my head, and then the pillow. When that didn't get the petting he obviously deserved, he started ramming his head into my arm. There are worse ways to have to wake up in the morning. *Grin*