November 27th, 2001


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Ack! Someone spammed my account with lower your mortgage crap. Time to switch my filter to a tougher one. I deleted the emails page by page, then noticed some real ones were amongst them. So, if you did happen to email me between last night and now, I might have deleted it by accident.

Off to see Harry Potter in an hour. Finally! Hehehehe...

Harry Potter, the movie version

Well, I just got back from the movie. First off, the Episode II trailer gave me goosebumps! The title might suck, but the movie looks great.

As for the Harry Potter movie... WOOHOO! Excellent job of transferring it to the big screen. The casting was very well done, actually the entire thing was well done! I loved it! I only wish I could have seen Norbert grow up a little before they took him away. Hehehe.

It seemed very true to the book, although I have them all muddled together in my head. So, if I think they forgot some scenes, they might be from the other books. Regardless, Alan Rickman IS Severus Snapes. He was so evil.

Sarah called and left a message while I was out. I should be talking to her tonight, for the first time in quite a while. I am nervous and eager.