November 25th, 2001


the vicissitudes of life

Well, even though I have been sleeping about nine hours a day, I am not getting restful sleep.

I went shopping on Saturday with my father, and bought these items:
a DVD player and overpriced cables
Dido's No Angel CD (finally)
Instant Immersion French 4 CD-ROM set

Then I played a game of Blood Bowl and got my butt kicked. One player died, and the apothecary failed. Ugh.

Next, I caught up on my TV shows, and watched last Sunday's and last Thursday's tapes. I am very glad that Malcolm in the Middle is on again, and the Simpsons have been very good so far this season.

And then I went to bed early.

On Sunday, I worked my usual 8am until close shift, and managed to reread the entire book of Forever Peace, by Joe Haldeman. It's not as good as the Forever War, but it's still quite enjoyable.

I still haven't heard from Sarah, but I hope to soon.