October 31st, 2001



Well, I got up around noon today, just in case Sarah was online. We didn't set up a time to talk again yesterday, so I decided to give it a shot. Well, she wasn't on, so I talked with some Blood Bowl coaches, and logged off around 1:15. Then I went up and took a shower. After I got out of the shower, I was on my bed, and Skittles came into the room. I patted the chair next to me, and he jumped up. Then he jumped onto the bed! Well, I couldn't leave my bed after that. So, for an hour and a half, I listened to a Sarah McLachlan bootleg CD with a blueberry muffin candle lit, and a purring kitty by my feet. It was time well spent. Then I went off to work.

Well, Yuriy has been saying that Halloween is a VERY busy day for weeks. So why wasn't he prepared for it? And why did he send the temporary manager home early??? We ran out of large pan pizzas around 6pm, so he started using 2 mediums for each large. Of course, we ran out of mediums almost immediately. So, he had to make more dough in the middle of the dinner rush. Not very smart. I found out later that we did almost 1/3 more business compared to last year. So it wasn't his fault, but tempers were flaring a bit during the hours of trick or treating, when all of the parents didn't want to cook.

Anyways, Sarah called after closing. Yay! We couldn't talk for long, but it was nice nonetheless. We'll be talking tomorrow around 1pm as well. She dressed up as Cruella for Halloween, and is having troubles with her fake nails. It feels great to tell her that I love her, and not have it hurt. Maybe our relationship will grow and become something permanant. I hope so, but we will see.

Still hopeful, but wary.