October 29th, 2001


afk for over 2 days!

Well, it's been a while since I posted. I added the Sunday song right after the entry from late Friday/early Saturday.

Friday night, I came home late, and Mike was not on my computer for a change. The lights were on in his bedroom and the bathroom, so I assumed he was doing something upstairs. So I popped online for at least an hour before I went upstairs. Well, there was a sodden pile of clothing in the tub, and wet shoes, a wet suede jacket, and a wet belt on the floor. He was lying in bed with the overhead light on, and an arm across his face to block the light, I guess. Three possibilities went through my head:

He killed someone, and washed off the blood.
He was killed by someone, and they washed off the blood.
He is being his usual forgetful, arrogant self.

I still don't know why he left all of his clothing like that, and I doubt I will bother asking him. It's not important enough to get me to start talking to him. I just try to keep my distance from him, as we just seem to annoy each other. He still thinks everything in the house is his, and it's awfully annoying. This is a guy that makes more money than Sean and I put together, and he is always borrowing money from us, and going into debt. His job title is "tech coordinator" and yet his computer can't seem to get online or even work properly. I am thinking about asking him to stop using my computer. Perhaps that will motivate him.

Anyways, I was only able to get two hours of sleep on Friday night. Charlie, Sean, and I were going to a Magic tournament in New Jersey, and I had to get up at six. Well, being the nocturnal person that I am, I could not get to sleep until four, although I tried. We made it down there around 8:30, and went to some sort of "world famous deli" located inside the Ramada for breakfast. The portions were huge! Each meal is meant for two or more people and the desserts were hysterical to look at. I ordered chicken fingers, Charlie ordered one chocolate chip pancake (about the size of a medium pizza), and Sean ordered 2 eggs, toast, and bacon. He thinks they use ostrich eggs, and the amount of bacon he received was enormous. I ate all of my food, and even tried some of Charlie's pancake.

The tournament was fun. Each person checks in a single deck, and the one I checked was awful. So, of course I was one of the "lucky" players to get back the deck that they checked in. Charlie and I dropped out after round four, but Sean stayed in. So, the two of us joined a booster draft while we waited. I got the best card in the set, but didn't even use it in my deck. It still rankled all of the other players. *grin* My first opponent was Charlie, and he got me down to one life BOTH games, but I came back and won each time. After that, he just wanted to leave. Then I beat the next opponent. After Sean lost and dropped out of the main tourney, I split the cards with the other winner instead of playing off. Most of the people there were a lot of fun to play against, and the three of us had a good time.

about Sarah

Well, after we got back from the tournament, I was exhausted. I would have gone online to check email and look for Sarah, but of course Mike was using my computer. I did get a card from her, though. When I opened it up, paper snowflakes and hearts spilled out on to the floor. I was happy that she was thinking about me. Then I went to bed and slept for over ten hours. When my alarm went off at 7 am, I reset it for 7:30. I was late to work, but I needed the extra sleep.

Sunday was relatively uneventful. Yuriy called me up and told me to open the safe early, as it had not been recalibrated for the daylight savings. Well, around 10:45 pm, Sarah called! We had a great conversation, and of course I forgot all about the safe until it was too late. She seems to miss me as much as I do her. I told her that I realize neither of us is to blame for the lessening of out time together, but it still bothers me. Of course, I told her before that we were at a plateau with no way of climbing higher for now, and that we should enjoy the view. And I am the one complaining about it. We are both looking forward to the end of December with great anticipation. I can't wait to spend days with her.

After we stopped talking, I called Yuriy and told him what had happened. Then I listed my options. He suggested calling the credit card company to see whether or not the credit card receipts reconcile automatically if nothing is done with them. The customer support person said no. So, I figured out how much the credit card receipts were without the tips (all of them were in the safe), and did all the paperwork without actually making up a deposit for the day.

In the morning, I went to work and fixed my blunder. No harm done. Yay. Then I reread One More Sunday, by John D. MacDonald. Faith mixed with religion, politics, and human frailties. Here's a little book review of it I found online...


I miss you Sarah, and I will try not to dampen our moods when I have limited time to talk to you.