October 13th, 2001


recent books I have read

I haven't felt like posting, so here's a recap of the books for the last two weeks or so.

P.S. Your Cat is Dead - by James Kirkwood

One sentence summary - John Irving must have read this book.

It's about an actor whose life falls apart on New Year's Eve. His girlfriend leaves him. He loses his job. His cat dies. And a burglar attempts to rob him for the third time. It's very funny, and very sad. At least it has a happy ending. If you can find it, give it a chance, but it was written in 1972.

Under the Eye of God - by David Gerrold.
A Covenant of Justice - by David Gerrold

These were standard sci-fi, not really worth talking about.

A Raging Calm - by Stan Barstow

The subtitle is "A novel of infidelity and the anguish it creates" and it was written in 1968. Excellent insights into humanity and what people do "for love". Here's a quote:

"Experience is a living, growing, changing thing. You can't shut yourself off from parts of it like stepping into a germ-free cabinet where the infections of life can't get at you. If only one of us were in love this would never have happened; but with each of us loving isn't it far far better to know we're loved back? What's that line of Faulkner's the girl quotes in Breathless? "Between grief and nothing I'll choose grief." Unless you believe that falling in love is the passport to eternal bliss you've got to be ready for the pain that comes with the joy."