September 30th, 2001



I had a talk with my roomie Sean while I was at work. He had some bad news about the newest phone bill. My first calls to Canada were on it. Remember the one I wrote about where Sarah's phone battery died? Well, three and a half hours of calling Canada costs almost $250. Oops! And that was only one call, but that was the longest by far.

Well, that is why I make money. To spend it! I tried to get him to agree to split the phone bill three ways, but for some reason he seemed opposed to that...


Still, I will be more careful from now on. I am still trying to save up for a car, after all.

Sarah's computer seems to have died, so I will go to bed now. I would rather get less sleep and talk with her, but that is not an option. So, the choice is easy. Good night, all you people...