September 15th, 2001



I am finding myself posting less often in here, as I am talking so often to Sarah, and telling her about my day through IM.

It's sort of sad, but I am finding myself wanting to post a different sort of song now. Damn it, I am getting too happy to post Joy Division!

Well, the next song should make Sarah smile.

my weekend

Well, Eric's last night at Pizza Hut was yesterday. He was one of the drivers,and the only other person that brought books in to read. As a parting gift to him, I made a quick list of books that he should read. He had already read some of John Irving's works, or I would have added him as well.

Orson Scott Card - Songmaster, and also Ender's Game
Dan Simmons - Hyperion
Pat Conroy - The Prince of Tides
John Steakley - Armor
Robert Heinlein - Starship Troopers
Joe Haldeman - The Forever War

Good luck out in Arkansas, Eric. Have fun with your band.

Also, I went out to dinner with my parents tonight. Le Saigon was packed, so we took our food back to their house. I got the three kitties all riled up before I went home. Hehehehe...

I think I will go to bed early tonight for a change. I am working sixteen hours tomorrow as usual, and being awake would be a pleasant change.