September 3rd, 2001



I talked to the possible abuser tonight. I asked him point blank if he was hitting her. He wouldn't confirm or deny it, but he said something like, "She's as tall as me, weighs 30 lbs more, and hits me when she is even slightly upset." I guess that answers that. There is no excuse for hitting a woman, unless it is life or death.

Well, later tonight, she showed up online, and I talked to her a bit also.

hakeswill: are you OK?
XXXXX: i'm fine.
hakeswill: I don't like to get involved in other people's business, unless I think there is a major problem
hakeswill: I apologize if my help was not as "helpful" as I would have liked
hakeswill: I hope you got the email I sent to your account, and not (the guy)
XXXXX: i did...
XXXXX: however, your "help" was not helpful at all...
hakeswill: crap
XXXXX: he's dumping me.
hakeswill: well, if what I heard was true, then I am glad for you
hakeswill: just to make sure that this is XXXXX, what was the name of the little death in Discworld? I am thinking this might be (the guy) - this whole thing is making me a bit paranoid
XXXXX: lol
XXXXX: Death of Rats :)
XXXXX: I love Pterry.
hakeswill: whee
hakeswill: ok
hakeswill: XXXXX, I was worried about you, and did what I thought was right
hakeswill: if I made things worse, I am REALLY sorry

no response...