September 2nd, 2001


a musical day

I brought my radio and my mix tapes (see 4/16) into work. I suspected that it would be slow today, since a lot of people are away. So, I listened to songs that I loved, and read half of Trinity.

The amusing part of this was when Chris called for Doug (one of the drivers), and he was out on a delivery. So, I told him that I was listening to my own mixes, and we got into a thirty minute conversation about music, most of which had Doug waiting to talk to Chris. The really amusing part is that I was at a Live concert that he was at (Lehigh University, before Throwing Copper came out), and I was at a Replacements/Elvis Costello concert that Doug was at (the Mann - I left halfway through Costello - I was there to see the Replacements). I wonder how many other concerts overlap...

One of my brothers wants to know when I will be making my fourth mix. I told him I will be getting a CD burner soon, and making the fourth AND putting the first three onto CDs. He was very happy. The fourth one will be called "Never, For Ever" with apologies to Kate Bush. I am not done deciding which songs to put on it, though.