August 27th, 2001


naughty LJ, not letting me post...

I haven't been able to post on here for days. Let's see... where to begin.

Someone online told me that they love me on Saturday! I don't use the word very often, myself. I try to keep it as a powerful word, and not cheapen it's effect by overuse. But I did tell her that I like her, and that I care for her. It made me feel better that she said it, even though she is so far away...

Books. I have been reading a lot, but haven't felt like posting about them (even if I could have). So here we go.

Howard's End: Good, but not great. Some wonderful lines in it, like "Death destroys a man: the idea of Death saves him." Still, I thought it ended abruptly.

Maurice, also by EM Forster: Excellent! The story of two men in love in 1913 Britain. Love and loss, and finding love again. It doesn't matter whether it is hetero or not, the story speaks to you. I really enjoyed it, and I understood what Maurice was going through very well.

The Collector, by John Fowles: Very disturbing, and wery well written. I don't know why my ex's mother gave this to me, possibly because he also wrote the French Lieutenant's Woman. An older man, holding a younger woman hostage...

Dark Rivers of the Heart, by Dean Koontz: I find him to run either hot or cold, and this book was hot! Yet another story of love and understanding, masquerading as a thriller.

I think it's time to put a Tori song up on my journal. Tori and Ani are two artists that I love, but I feel like I am trespassing into some sort of forbidden "women only zone" if I admit I love their songs and have the audacity to claim to understand where they are coming from. Anyways, I am very thankful that they exist, and their songs speak to my heart.