August 13th, 2001



I just tried to sleep from 12:30 until now, and then gave up. Sometimes, being nocturnal has it's disadvantages, like when I have to open in the morning.

Well, Mike quit Sunday morning, without letting anyone know in advance. It looks like I will be working six days a week, and getting a lot of overtime. This will help me buy a car faster, but it will make my attempt at a social life even tougher. I am SO glad I did not agree to a salaried position.

Also, I finished A Room With a View on Saturday. It was wonderful, and now I want to see the movie again. Now I am reading Howard's End.

And finally, in case my last entry confuses anyone... The novel I got from the book store was sitting outside. They have books there for a quarter, or for free. I did not go into the store to buy the book, as that would have made my ex even more uncomfortable than she probably already was.

my new tentative schedule

Yuriy and I tried to set up a permanent schedule for management today. I can have two days off every week, but I will need to work a double to make up for it. I said sure. So, here it is:

Sundays 8am - 11:45pm - bleh
Mondays 10am - 4 pm
Tuesdays - OFF!
Wednesdays 2pm - midnight
Thursdays 4pm - 11:45 pm
Fridays 4pm - 12:45 am
Saturdays - OFF!

We'll see how it goes.