August 7th, 2001


blah blah blah

My brother's wedding is coming up soon. It's scheduled for the last weekend in September. I am envious of him. Marriage is a wonderful word, but I don't see it happening for me. I would like to get married, but the odds of me finding someone as special as my ex seem very slim.

Anyways, he asked if I wanted to go golfing with the guys the day before the wedding. I declined. I don't like the sun, and I haven't golfed in a long time. Well, his fiancee asked me if I wanted to go out with the ladies, and get a manicure, a pedicure, and a massage. I declined that also, but I offered to give any of her single, attractive friends massages. She asked how much I would charge, but I responded that I would be the one paying them.

Tonight, Yuriy broached the subject of me becoming salaried. I declined that, also. I know what would happen. Mike would get fired, and I would work a lot of overtime for free. No thank you!

I finished reading the French Lieutenant's Woman on Sunday night. It was very sad, or very happy, depending on which ending you choose to believe. I went over to the bookstore today, and got a few more books to read, among them the Collector, also by John Fowles.

I read Catch Me today, by A.J. Holt. It's the sequel to Watch Me, where a female police officer goes around executing serial killers. Both were well written, and worth a read.

Now I am home again, and wondering why I waste so much time in front of the computer. I think I should start going out on my days off, but that would take more energy than I have. I need a vacation from the world.