August 4th, 2001


Life is still sad, but it's getting better

I saw a baby skunk on my way home from work. It was adorable. When I got home, I discovered that my entire street had lost power. Grrrrrrrrr... So I read by candle light until I was done the book, and then decided to go to bed. Of course that's when the lights came back on.

When I was growing up, I thought that life was concrete, or at least relatively stable. But then I learned the hard way that it is liquid, and started to drown. But I am learning to swim...

I am reading the French Lieutenant's Woman, but I forgot to bring it into work for a couple of days, so I read Who Do You Love, by Jean Thompson. It's a collection of fifteen stories about lives that are very different from my own, but very engrossing. I have to say that that book really helped me to get some perspective on my own woes. Some of the lines in it were written just for me.

I switched keychains today. I have still been using one that my ex gave me. It is a scorpion inside a pink heart (yes, she's a Scorpio). Slowly, I am weeding out all of the obvious things that remind me of her. About two months ago, I put away the picture of her that was by my bed. Last month, I took her off of my AIM buddy list. And today, I put away the keychain. I will always love her, but I know that it's over. Right now, I am feeling emotionally drained.