July 21st, 2001



Well, I have been working long hours, and both hotmail and livejournal have been buggy this week. So, finally I get to update.

Monday night, I finished reading War and Remembrance. I cannot urge you strongly enough to read the Winds of War and then this one. Excellent insights into WW 2 and a very entertaining read.

Also this week, I read a lot of archived comics at http://www.pvponline.com/index.php3. They are very funny if you are a gamer.

Then I read Tribulations, by J. Michael Straczynski. He is the author that wrote Babylon 5. It was a quick read, and made me think about religion and spirituality for a bit. Strangely enough, both this and War and Remembrance talk about the book of Job in detail, but from very different perspectives.

I also had my silliest game of Blood Bowl ever. It was a total mismatch, but that can happen in a structured leagues. The score was 7-0 me, and the casualties were 9-2, and now I advance into the playoffs with a record of 11-1. Whee!

Oh well. I am tired, and Yuriy will still be gone for 10 days. I should get paid more for what I have to put up with while he is gone. At least I am getting a lot of overtime.