July 14th, 2001


War and Remembrance

It's hard to believe that WW II was such a short time ago. The horrors and atrocities that mankind is capable of continue to make me ashamed to be human. I am up to page 947 now, and it is still engrossing me. I love this kind of story, where almost everything is historical, but a few characters are added to personalize it. Pug Henry is an amazing individual, and I empathize with both sides of his impossible romance with Pamela Tudsbury. Here's a good quote from the novel, from her perspective.

"He talked without bitterness or regret, laying out for her his life as it was. The party bubbled about them, and she sat listening, supremely content to be by his side, warmed by his physical presence, and sweetly disturbed by it, too. This was all she wanted, she kept thinking, just this closeness to this man until she died. She felt wholly alive again because she was sitting with him on a sofa. He was not happy. That was clear. She felt that she could make him happy, and that doing it would justify her own life."

Sigh. If only it was that easy, Pamela...