June 10th, 2001



I went to see Swordfish last night with my dad, my sister, my brother, and his girlfriend. The show we tried to get was sold out, so we spent an enjoyable 90 minutes at a nearby Friendly's.

The movie was not great, but it was decent. The effects were incredible, especially the first hostage blowing up with 20 lbs of C-4 explosive and 25 lbs of ball bearings strapped to them.


Well, Sunday is my reading day at work. I finished the Winds of War last week, written by Herman Wouk. It's hard to believe that WW II was only 60 years ago, but then I remember that atrocities are being committed even now. I don't have high hopes for humanity. Anyways, today I bought War and Remembrance, which continues the story.

Right now I am reading the Electric Koolaid Acid Test, by Tom Wolfe. It's very different from the Bonfire of the vanities. I like it, though.