April 27th, 2001


The Dalai Lama Personality Test

My Dad sent this to me.

This test is kind of fun. It only has four (4) questions, and you'll be surprised about the results! Please do not scroll your screens to know the results before starting. The human mind is like an umbrella: it works better when it opens. It is fun to answer the questions, but please follow the instructions.

Answer the questions step by step. This test has only four questions, but your results will be most honest and if you see the answers AFTER finishing, accurate. Scroll your screen slowly and write down your answers. This questionnaire may tell you a lot about your inner self.

First, order the following animals according to your preference:
a) Cow;
b) Tiger;
c) Sheep;
d) Horse;
e) Pig.

Second, write a word that describes each of the following:
a) Dog;
b) Cat;
c) Rat;
d) Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate(your favorite);
e) Ocean.

Third, think about someone (who also knows you and is important to you,) that can be related to the following colors (do not repeat your answers.)Name only one person per color:
a) Yellow;
b) Orange;
c) Red;
d) White;
e) Green.

Finally, write down your favorite number, as well as your favorite weekday.

Did you finish? Verify that all your answers are accurate. Last chance to verify...Now, look at the answers below


This will define your priorities in life:
Cow: means career. (4th for me)
Tiger: means pride. (1st)
Sheep: means love. (3rd)
Horse: means family. (2nd)
Pig: means money. (5th)

Your description of Dog implies your own personality. (Stupid)
Your description of Cat implies your spouse or couple's personality. (Interesting)
Your description of Rat implies the personality of your enemies. (Tenacious)
Your description of Coffee/Tea is how you interpret sex. (Delicious)
Your description of Ocean implies your own life. (Deep)

Yellow: Someone you will never forget. (my roomie Sean)
Orange: Someone you could consider a good friend. (my roomie Mike)
Red: Someone you really love. (couldn't think of a name for red)
White: Your twin soul. (my ex)
Green: Someone you will remember all your life. (my father)

Strangely, the test had no response for the number and day of the week. Mine were 7 and Thursday.