hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,


Well, I had to go into the store to do paperwork at 8am. I talked to Yuriy and the district manager about what happened last night. It looks like John is fired, if he hasn't already quit.

At around 10:30, I finally left, and went on a train ride to Borders and Showcase Comics. I bought lots of things I don't need, but what the hell. I might as well have some small pleasures, since the larger ones seem out of reach for now. I bought several issues of Transmetropolitan and Knights of the Dinner Table. Then I went towards Borders, but stopped at a grill for a cheeseburger, and then an overpriced cookie place for some really good chocolate chip cookies. At Borders, I bought two copies of Mary Fahl's EP, Selections from Lenses of Contact. She was one of the singers for October Project, one of my favorite bands. This CD only has four songs, but they are very nice. Still, October Project was better. I also finally got around to buying a copy of Coldplay's Parachutes. Shiver and Trouble are two amazing songs.

I brought a copy of Fahl's CD over to my ex's door, and left it there for her with a small note. It said, "This is not a ploy to get you to talk to me. I hope you enjoy the CD."

I think things will be easier for me when she goes back to Maine. I keep on catching glimpses of her, but no actual contact. I feel like Tantalus.
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