hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Aztec horoscope? interesting...

01 Jul 1969

The Day is 1 Miquiztli (Death's Head)
The sign of Miquiztli is the head of the god of the Underworld and is associated with bad luck and the night.

The presiding deity is Tecciztecatl, he of the Seashell, a moon god and a patron of hunters. This is because the light of the moon was said to make hunting much easier.

Tecciztecatl represented hesitancy and uncertainness, but brashness as well. During the creation of light upon the world, it was his idea to create the light, but he refused four times to cast himself upon the fire. It was a leprous deity called Nanautzin who threw himself into the fire at the first attempt, thus shaming Tecciztecatl who followed his example. Nanautzin became the bright sun and Tecciztecatl became the moon.

People born under this deity's rule are of a hesitant nature, uncertain and afraid to take a chance. They are not easy to convince, but when they are, they rush headlong into things.

Possibly a person with a dark side to their nature and prone to misfortune or ill health. But a person who tries to influence them in any way will need a strong character. They are also inclined to be a little shy and will always do their best to avoid serious trouble.


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