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"feel so small, they could step on you..."

Working mornings all week has really sucked. We were understaffed for a rainy Friday, which makes it incredibly busy. I am back to hating almost all of the customers. It was inevitable, I suppose. Today was busy as well, considering that it was just Dave and myself until 3. On the plus side, XPN was playing a lot of music that I like.

Speaking of music, I have been having "group nights" on my computer. In the past week, I have spent entire evenings just listening to James, the Cure, VNV Nation, and Switchblade Symphony. Tonight will be Dead Can Dance night. I have over 7 hours of DCD on my computer.

I had a dream this morning. Apparently, I used to be a vampire, but had been able to return to humanity somehow. Now I was making the decision to become a vampire again, forever. Boy, my subconscious is subtle...
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