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back to work

Well, my vacation is over. I think it was my favorite one. I am going into Katerina withdrawal, but I knew that would happen going in. I am working AM shifts all week, which sucks for a nocturnal person such as myself. So I sit here listening to VNV Nation, instead of sleeping.

I have been catching up on my reading and letting EQ slide a little. I used to be unable to read at home, if there was a functioning computer. But I re-re-read the first 12 Anita Blake novels to get in the mood for Incubus Dreams. Too much sex, not enough plot. But I still like the world, and the characters.

Now I am rereading the Prey books. I am up to the 8th, and will finish the series. I do not know how far I had gone the last time I read the Davenport series. Then it is on to Stephenson's epics following Quicksilver. He just gets better and better.

I also read Undead and Unwed, and Cravings. They were fair. A change of pace, at least. Dark Romance is not really my thing, even if I do love Anita Blake.

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