hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

"was it love, or was it the idea of being in love..."

I feel trapped in a morass of my own making. After work, I have spent all day on this computer, and I haven't done anything productive. But how to get out of this slump?

I really want a girlfriend...

I read Mazes and Monsters yesterday. It's a book from 1981 showing how Dungeons and Dragons can warp a person's mind. This is back when a few kids killed themselves and the witch hunt began. My parents burned all of my D&D stuff in the backyard. I was so pissed. I have always loved games, and I get addicted to certain ones. Looking back, it's probably for the best that they did it, but I thought it was so unfair. Here's a quote from the book.

"It was very important to him to win at games. He didn't care about winning at sports, or in life, but games were different. A game was the only thing that was exactly what you wanted it to be."

Damn straight.

My father used to tell me that I would grow out of it (playing games), but I never believed him. It's true though. It took 31 years to prove him right, but I would much rather be in a relationship instead of playing a game. Does this mean I am finally growing up?
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