hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Hello LJ people. I haven't been updating much, as you can see. Work, EverQuest, and sleep have become my life for the most part. I did go to see Interpol on the 14th. The two opening bands were not good, but I did get invited to my first threesome with a very aggressive girl and a quiet guy. Thanks for the offer Chrissy, but I declined. I felt flattered, cheap, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Interpol was amazing, and I am happy that I went. I also went to see Kill Bill, and thought it was a lot of fun.

I read Word Freaks, by Stefan Fatsis. I totally related to him and his newfound Scrabble addiction. I am a Gamer. I will always be a Gamer, be it D&D, Blood Bowl, Magic, or Everquest, etc. If any of you are gamers, make sure to read this book.

EQ update:
Hakeswill - level 56 necromancer
Lenoredirge - level 25 enchanter
Trogdorjr - level 25 beastlord
Ceruleanblue - level 12 cleric
Hakeswill - level 11 shaman (on another server)
Deadcandance - level 9 warrior
Croakerjr - level 3 wizard

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