hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

After playing for less than two months, my necromancer has become.... a heretic! Yay level 51. I also switched guilds, and joined Zero Sum. My friend Dan runs it, and it will be more fun and challenging. My enchanter is now level 19, shaman is 11, cleric is 7, wizard is 3, and beastlord is 3.

In reading news, I finished Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies, and had some laughs. He is a lot of fun to read, and Discworld is a fun place to visit.

I also read Her Monster, by Jeff Collignon. A cross between Beauty and the Beast and Grendel (John Gardner's version of Beowulf from the monster's side of the story).

And now I am finally getting around to Claudius the God. A fun quick read. Someday I will watch I Claudius as well.

I have a whole week free starting next week. I am going to see Interpol on the 14th, and I am excited. I will also be seeing the Boils on the 31st. Too much excitement for one month. Hehe...

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