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MO 2.0

Magic Online has "updated" to version 2.0 to celebrate Magic's 10 year anniversary. If by "update" you mean crash constantly and piss off everyone trying to use it, then they have been successful. After putting up with this for a couple of weeks, I ordered Everquest on Monday. It will cost me less, and hopefully give me a similar amount of enjoyment.

I read The Power of One recently. I remembered the movie from 92? and thought that the book ended awfully abruptly. I went to the Book Exchange to look up Bryce Courtenay in the index of books by author, and only found one called April Fools' Day. There had to be a sequel, so I looked online. It turns out that Tandia is the sequel, and it was never printed in the US! So I ordered it from Canada.

And now I am currently reading The Last Temptation of Christ, by Nikos Kazantakis. It is quite good.

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