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I am listening to the CD mix I made last Christmas. It makes me feel, and to want more. The logical side of me is watching the slow decay of the emotional side with a small amount of worry. Could this damage become permanent? At what point do the wounds become irreparable? How deep can I go before there is no hope?

I carry on discussions inside my head periodically, weighing the pros and cons of involvement with others. For the most part, I could care less if humanity was just... gone. I am almost used to idiocy being the norm, and the prevalance of the word/sound ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm preceding every sentence uttered by others. Sigh.

Silence would be preferable.

Still, there is a small part inside of me that thinks there is another chance for my heart. Not yet. Not in the near future. But maybe.

Damn you, Pandora. Why couldn't you leave the box closed after you let all of the evils out?

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