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Magic Online

Well, as of yesterday, I have competed in 500 events on Magic Online since it went gold. I have 3343 rares, 7746 uncommons, and 13859 commons. I also have 28 booster packs. I should be able to play until I die, and still recoup my money (plus a nice profit) if I ever need to.

I am tired from playing Magic until 8am, then watching Scrubs with Sean. Scrubs was hysterical. I slept for less than four hours, and then watched three episodes of 24 (season 1, 3-5) with my Dad. It's definitely growing on me. Then I showered and went to work until 1:30am. Bleh.

Now I am debating what to do. Sleep would be the intelligent choice, but I have Blood Bowl and Magic Online whispering in my ears. If there was someone waiting in bed for me, the choice would be a lot easier.

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