hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Another Amazon purchase came in the mail.

DVDs were Ronin, the three colors (Blue, White, and Red for only $30!), & Donnie Darko
CDs were Dixie Chicks "Home", Peter Gabriel "Up", & Queens of the Stone Age "Songs for the Deaf"
Computer game: Unreal II

Donnie Darko was VERY good. It made me think of Powder. Both had a person in the wrong time. The climax seemed a bit contrived, but I was still emotionally stunned when it was over. The casting was excellent.

Last week was entirely spent on work and Magic Online. The newest set (Legions) came out at 4am on Wednesday, and LLL booster drafts were only available for the next 45 hours, along with sealed deck tournaments that offered a free Phage avatar. Well, a new guy was supposed to start working at our store, so of course my schedule was messed up for this week only, and of course he never showed up and I had to work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... At least my paycheck will look nice. I closed on Tuesday, stayed up all night on Wednesday, and had to open on Wednesday. I made it into the finals of the sealed tournament and went into work an hour late, leaving Sean to do the bonus booster draft for me. He squeaked in as well, and had to draft for both of us at the same time! He said he was shaking, and sweating profusely. He also lost in round one for both of us, but at least we won some packs.

On Thursday, I worked 3 to close, and went home to play in the remaining couple of hours. I won round one in a LLL draft, was waiting for the last sealed deck to start, and joined another LLL draft just because I could. Well, playing three timed games at once was not as nerve wracking for me as it would have been for Sean. I made it to round 3 in both booster drafts with slivers! I timed out in one, so I won 4 packs. I split in the second, and won 6 packs. And I made it to the finals in the sealed. So did Sean, and the computer put us next to each other in the booster draft! I told him to draft slivers, and I took birds and soldiers. He won the draft (24 packs) and I tied for 3rd/4th (12 packs). All in all, it was a profitable night, and our ratings soared. Of course I lost al of those points on Saturday and Sunday, as I grew used to OOL. This week is a Magic-free one, as I recuperate.

I have also done a lot of reading. John Sandford, Neil Gaiman (reread), Lawrence Sanders, John Cheever, etc. And I watched 8 Mile on my computer. It was OK, and I was happy with the realistic ending, where he goes back to work after winning the rap contest.

Now I am downloading as many bits of "Celebrity Jeopardy" as I can find, as long as Sean Connery is involved. Hehehe...

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