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to sleep, perchance to dream a very strange dream

Finally caught up on sleep this weekend. Slept from 7am until 12:30pm Saturday, then shopped from 1 until 5. Bought five pair of the Dockers with stain resistance for $150 (and saved $110 thanks to coupons and the sale), two sets of sheets, two issues of Knights of the Dinner Table, four gaming magazines, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, brownies, blank CDs for my first mix CD that I will be making, and a hoagie. Then played around on the computer (watching Coupling) for an hour and slept for 8 eight more hours. Woke up at around 2am and played on the computer until 7 (mostly Magic Online). Then slept until 3pm and had one of the oddest dreams ever (and I have had some very bizarre ones). In this dream, I switched genders with a woman, but I am not sure how. It might have been through sex. I was still "me" but now I had a woman's breasts and sexual organs. Of course the first thing I did was try masturbating. Heh. Then I thought about having sex with her/him. I don't remember most of the dream.

I am still using KaZaA, and now have 1608 files to share. I am now a "guru," with a 299 rating at present.
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