hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

read, download, watch, play

More books. Dust to Dust, by Tami Hoag. Sort of a sequel to Ashes to Ashes. Not bad. The Fourth Hand, by John Irving. Good, but not anywhere near the level of some of his others. Magic, by William Goldman. A very versatile author, and an interesting book.

I am up to episode 10 of SFU in terms of watching, but I have 5 more downloaded. Also, I was able to get one episode of Coupling (season 2, episode 8 - Naked) and it was hysterical. Apparently, it's on "normal" TV Saturday nights at midnight.

More Blood Bowl and Magic Online. Age of Mythology is good, but not really my style. I prefer turn based strategy or role playing games. Still, I paid my $50 and I will try some more of the campaign when I am bored.

"No salvation, uh uh, no forgiveness..."
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