hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

The Secret History

On Sunday, I read an article in Newsweek about Donna Tartt, and her second book, The Little Friend. It was published ten years after her first book, The Secret History. Shortly thereafter, I went to the Book Exchange to buy some books, and Trish said, "You have to read this book." Of course, it was The Secret History.

I enjoyed it, although I was depressed when it was over. I could relate to quite a bit of the story, having taken Greek and Latin myself, and also being an avid reader and understanding almost all of the references scattered throughout. (Of course, I remember almost nothing of the two languages, thanks to lack of usage.)

I didn't get much sleep before work on Sunday. I spent too much time reading ALL of the comics at http://www.flemcomics.com I was not offended by the comic strips, but some of them were very disturbing. Of course, I was laughing my ass off, so that tells you something about my sense of humor.

Still playing Magic Online and Blood Bowl. Someday, I will take a day and read Ulysses...
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