hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

recent gaming experiences

Sean, Charlie, and I went to the Onslaught prerelease last Saturday. It's the new Magic expansion, and it's based on creature types (elves, goblins, zombies, birds, soldiers). It seems to be a multiplayer and theme deck sort of set, but that's ok. I wore a "Hello, my name is hakeswill" nametag to the tourney, much to my friends' consternation. It's my Magic Online nickname, of course. Anyways, I lost in round one to a nice guy. I won rounds two, three, and four. In round five, whichever one of us wins gets nine packs. Game one I was mana screwed. Game two I showed off my combo of two elves that let me draw cards when beasts are played, and my eleven beasts. I romped all over him. In game three, he went first. He played a forest, and complained about his hand. On my turn one, I also played a forest. On his turn two, he asks me how many cards I have in my hand. I respond, "Seven." Then he drops a 5/5 Tempting Wurm for 2! Unfortunately, it's effect causes the opponent to play as many creatures, lands, artifacts, and enchantments as he wants for free! I dropped five beasts, one elf, and a forest. On my turn, I attacked for 24! He flipped out. He stood up, called the play "Gay," and threw his wurm across the room. It hit another player in the head. (Apparently, "gay" is a derogatory word used in the Magic community for "stupid" or "bad" - ah, immaturity...)

I paid $25 to enter the tourney, and sold the packs and cards for $45. That paid for a milkshake and some Chick-Fil-A sandwiches! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Also, last night I played my first game of Blood Bowl in months. It was a brutal Chaos vs Chaos matchup, and I was victorious. I killed three of Soaren's players, and I should be claiming 770,000 gold pieces in bounties soon. Hehehe...
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